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Hijas Caridad is a website where you can find information regarding the Daughters of Charity organization, and also its various offshoot organizations such as the Sisters of Charity, or Vincentian Orders, etc. The life of St. Vincent de Paul was aimed towards helping people in need and thus he embarked on the journey towards setting up of the organization the Daughters of Charity.

The Daughters of Charity were an organization of Catholic women who took the vow of poverty, celibacy, and unconditionally helping those in need in the name of Christ. This organization saw the light of day in 1633 and is almost nearing their 4th century anniversary. We choose to promote and portray the works and history of this organization owing to the fact that they are one of the largest charitable Christian organizations and the story of their development has been unlike any other.

Helping People All Over the World

We spread worldwide serving various causes in various countries for the benefit of the poor and needy. The Daughters of Charity are currently one of the largest charitable Christian organizations in the world, and they are certainly the most famous one. 

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18,000 members All Over the World

The Daughters of Charity are now an international organization spread over the entire globe serving almost a hundred countries with a strength of 18,000 members. The Daughters of Charity are now a name which is well known in all circles especially in Europe and the United States. The dreams of St. Vincent De Paul and St. Louise De Marillac have come true and continue down the path of exponential growth.

Our Mission

The mission of this website is to provide clear and true information regarding the organization, the Daughters of Charity.

This organization was founded in 1633 in Paris, France by St. Vincent de Paul with the help of St. Louise de Marillac. The aim of this organization at the time of founding was to help the people living in the slums of Paris, but since then the organization has grown beyond the borders of France and has aided in various social work sectors.

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The Daughters Of Charity

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